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Strata Wind-Up

London pacific can determine if there is wind-up potential or redevelopment value in your strata corporation. Our dedicated team has the experience to smoothly manage the process and bridge your wind-up opportunity to a premier developer.

Assessing the potential

Does your Strata Corporation have the potential to capitalize on significant profit opportunities? Is your Strata facing expensive special levies?

Our dedicated team will provide a preliminary assessment of your property to get the conversation started.

Engagement, communication and onboarding

Our first step is an information session for all Strata owners and Council. Assessments include our process, timeline and key considerations learned from other strata corporations.

With you and your ownership informed, a Special General Meeting gives the strata council the authority to sign an exclusive listing agreement with London Pacific.

Now our team can get to work, market the property and unlock the value within.

3-pronged approach provides experience & collaboration: Legal, Brokerage, Strata Council

The London Pacific formula for success

  • Our 3-pronged approach provides experience and collaboration: Legal, Brokerage, Strata Council
  • Development feasibility studies, proforma evaluations, and a tailored strategic plan
  • In-house digital design and professional marketing
  • Vetted network of Developer Buyers
  • Goal driven negotiations
  • Time sensitive communications, ongoing owner conferencing and info sessions

Does my Strata have wind-up potential?

If you would like to learn more about the Strata wind-up process, ask our experienced commercial brokers.

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