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London Pacific works with investors and developers to identify, evaluate, and acquire properties with solid projected income streams, latent value and/or redevelopment potential. Let our drive for market intelligence help you stay ahead of the curve in finding your next investment property or project site.

Ahead of the curve

We are known to provide timely, responsible, and accurate investment advice. We aim to be ahead of the curve, and in turn, maximize our clients’ financial success in competitive markets.

We do the heavy lifting

We are experts in finding creative ways to assemble commercial real estate opportunities that are on and off-the-market. When it comes to offering land assemblies and strata-wind ups, we do the heavy lifting to make the acquisition work.

Negotiations that put you under contract

We are closers. Our ability to navigate complex transactions and negotiate the most favourable Terms for our clients is why sophisticated buyers consistently rely on London Pacific as their acquisitions team.

How we do it


An introductory meeting helps us understand your investment or development objectives and timelines, while defining the parameters of our search.


Hiring London Pacific by way of a Buyers Agency Agreement gives you the confidence that there is an exclusive acquisitions team on your side.


As local market experts, we constantly have our fingers on the pulse. We are tenacious in our search and qualifying of commercial real estate opportunities on or off-the-market.


Our quick response and skilled negotiators understand your priorities and deliver Contracts with the most favourable terms, conditions and timelines.

Not finding what you are looking for? Reach out to inquire about off-the-market opportunities to suit your objectives.


Core Services

Our West Coast brokerage delivers creative real estate solutions and unparalleled excellence in service and representation.
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Let us help you redefine commercial real estate.

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