Land Assembly 101 – Terms & Definitions (Part 2)
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In this Part 2 “Terms and Definitions” edition of Land Assembly 101, we look specifically at a number of charges or levies applied to developments by municipalities during the planning and building approval process.


Municipalities have a limited number of mechanisms with which to raise capital for infrastructure, amenities, and/or specific types of housing to benefit their community.  These “charges” are a way to mandate the development community to absorb some of these costs in a growing community.


It is important to understand that during the land assembly process a developer will run all of these costs through their development proforma to determine whether or not a site is feasible from a financial perspective. Ultimately, these charges will affect your property’s developable value.


DCCs – Development Cost Charges are monies that are collected from land developers by a municipality to offset some of the infrastructure expenditures incurred to service the needs of a new development.  This could be general road work or even parkland acquisition. In Metro Vancouver, a portion of DCC is levied to assist in financing the cost of various sewerage projects.


CAC – Community Amenity Contributions are paid by developers to assist cities with constructing and expanding amenities. As the City council grants development rights through the process of rezoning, the developers provide in-kind or cash contributions. CACs help Cities build and expand facilities like:


-Park space


-Childcare facilities

-Community centres

-Transportation services

-Cultural facilities

-Neighbourhood houses


Bonus Density – Density bonuses create incentives for developers to provide public amenities in exchange for a greater density level than allowed under the existing zoning. The developer may build public amenities or in some instances, social or affordable housing.


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