Maplewood Village Centre
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The community plan for Maplewood Village is being updated!  As part of Phase 2, the District of North Vancouver hosted a second Public Open House on October 19, 2016 to present design charrettes created by Maplewood Village stakeholder groups.


Stakeholders, including London Pacific’s Community Relations Director Erin Williams, spent October 18th dissecting concepts, options and development potential for the Village.  In the end the charrette produced a colourful map meant to provide direction on land use, amenities, public space, and environmentally sensitive areas.


When asked to comment on the charrette process, Erin Williams stated, “An effort was made to define the heart of the village and to radiate medium to high density in the form commercial and residential mixed use from that heart – which is looking to be where Old Dollarton & Seymour River Place meet.”  “I think it is also significant,” she said, “that a clear commitment to industry was made through this process.”  “The large swath of undeveloped lands North of the Maplewood Conservation Park (Maplewood Study Area 2) have been identified for significant light industrial use.”


The charrette by no means represents the final plan and residents and business owners in the area are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback through the website portal HERE.


The chart below is a summary planning process which suggests that a finalized plan will be put to Council for adoption as early as April 2017.




At London Pacific we work with property owners in neighbourhoods like Maplewood to advise on how potential changes to land use can affect land value.


If you are a resident in Maplewood Village and you are interested in understanding how this planning process could affect your property’s land assembly and & redevelopment potential please email us at