Evergreen Sky Train Line Launched
"The ability to create high-density housing around transit hubs will be crucial given the expected population increase in the region," Mayor Stewart of Coquitlam

Taking off with its first passengers, the much-anticipated Evergreen Sky Train Line launched at noon on Friday December 2, 2016.  Premier Christy Clark joined local mayors for the grand opening of the 11-kilometer, $1.43-billion expansion held at the new Coquitlam Central Station.


“The ability to create high-density housing around transit hubs will be crucial given the expected population increase in the region,” Mayor Stewart of Coquitlam said. “We know that this region is going to get another million people in the next 25 years and we have to be able to get as much possible near to Sky Train lines so that we can minimize the 600,000 cars that a million people would produce,” he said.


Metro Vancouver’s municipalities have been creating policy for density and growth around sky train stations and rapid transit hubs for some time now. Transit Oriented Development or TOD means that well-planned neighbourhoods have the most density in the TOD core which is set within the radius of 400 to 500 meters (walking distance) of a station.  Higher density in the core means increased transit ridership and cost-effective urban development with more affordable housing.


“TransLink estimates more than 70,000 people will ride the line daily by 2021” – CTV News


“When people start to see how they’re going to get home faster, and they see that their travel time is cut by about half, we’re going to see people flocking – to not just take this transit, but to become members of the incredible, beautiful communities that are growing here,” Premier Clark said.


London Pacific is proud to have assembled many sites in the Tri-Cities under the Transit-Oriented Development Strategy. Please look at our past success tab on our website for more information.


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